Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moving to new digs

Perhaps you have noticed I've not been posting very much. Perhaps not. Truth is, I've been busy getting ready to move.

As with any great meal, at the end there is always clearing the table. It doesn't mean  there won't be another meal, just that this one is complete.

Almost two years ago, I started with two blogs, A Midwest Garden, and I Hope You Are Hungry. I have enjoyed every minute of every post, but at times found myself off track and off topic.

Later, I started a Facebook page under The Gastronomic Gardener name and the growth there has been gratifying albeit sporadic.
As my interests and focus has changed, I feel I have outgrown these platforms, so I am putting A Midwest Garden and I Hope You Are Hungry to bed.

Blogger has served me well, I’ve entered the world of blogging and made some new friends; but the meal is now at an end. It is time for me to bid farewell to Blogger. I look back and can see how far I've come in terms of quality content and photographs. It is a fine platform as thousands of fellow bloggers can attest. It is just time for me to move on.
But this is not goodbye – but rather, as I said above, a renewal!

I am happy to announce I am launching!

It combines content from both A Midwest Garden, and I Hope You Are Hungry. Series are in the works designed to help and encourage folks learn to garden as well as try out different techniques. There are plans for tools to help in garden planning, planting schedules, and more!
I look forward to sharing what I have learned, to continue learning from my readers and begin fresh with new focus and fervor!
Please join me over at! Take a look around and let me know what you think!

I’ll see you there.

David P. Offutt
The Gastronomic Gardener
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