Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kielbasa Dinner

I made some smoked Kielbasa a little while ago; it has been in the freezer until now.

I put it in a pan in a 350F oven with a little water to bring it up to 160F.

Meanwhile I microwaved (gasp!) a couple potatoes, sliced them.

I browned off some lardons from the bacon I made. I just wanted to render some of the fat to cook the potatoes. 

Fry up the potatoes, steam some green beans, and plate, along with the homemade mustard.

Plate it up, and enjoy! The sausage  has a nice snap to it, (though the wife isn't fond of that attribute) and good flavor. Sausage and potatoes - a pretty traditional supper.


Until next time, Eat Well & Keep Digging!

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  1. Hi David; I don't understand the term "the sausage has a nice snap to it". Does this mean that it is very spicy?
    BTW: where did the lardons go?

  2. Now I am hungry!
    We have left all our smoked sausages to cure. But few of them we did cook for 15min in boiling water - they were delicious.
    Next year we are curing only half of our sausages and half is going to freezer, so we can prepare them this way.

  3. Mark, The snap I am referring to is the skin. The drying and smoking process firms it up quite a bit. The lardons? uh, Snack for the chef!

  4. Thanks Vrtlarica, I only made a few so I froze them all. It was delicious!


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