Thursday, June 23, 2011

Smoked Duck Spring Rolls

Welcome to the blog Sarah!

I've had a taste for some smoked duck since I first smoked some chickens in my new smoker. I've been delayed by several severe storms but last night I finally got my smoke on.

With it being summer and all, smoked duck might seem a little heavy, but if we use it as an accent we can have a delicious light dinner. What could be lighter than fresh spring rolls?

2 smoked chicken breast julienned
Carrot, cabbage, radish,green onion all julienned (The radish, onion and basil are from the garden. This makes me very happy.)
basil leaves
spring roll skins (available in the Asian aisle)

Fill a bowl with warm water.

Dampen a tea towel and place on a flat surface.

Place a spring roll skin in the bowl warm water. It'll soften in less than a minute.

Remove skin carefully from bath, and lay flat on damp towel. Flip over to blot other side then lay flat on work surface. From here on out it's pretty much like making a burrito. The folding method is the same.

Place filling in lower third of wrapper.

Fold over the bottom then fold the two sides in.

Roll it up.

Repeat ten times. I should have taken pictures of the last one not the first. I definitely got better as I went along. Served with some chili dipping sauce. (Shoulda cut it on a bias but I was tired and hungry.)

Click on the picture for all it's glory.

Crunchy, savory, light with a little bite of sweet heat from the sauce. A nice appetizer, or have five and make it dinner!

Until next time, Eat Well & Keep Digging!

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  1. I would like this better if the Spring Rolls skins were warm. We do this dish with them steamed over boiling water in a bamboo steamer.

  2. Feel free to steam away Mark! I imagine that would also be good .

  3. Very nice. I like the idea of smoked duck. Not killing any of my present ducks for it however, lol (will have to hatch some more!).

  4. Becky, are you ducks for eggs? A friend has chickens and it seems the ducks grow much faster.


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