Sunday, June 13, 2010

Breakfast Fatty

So there I was, looking over one of my favorite blogs:  ( and she had made a breakfast fatty. Basically a fillling, wrapped in sausage, wrapped in bacon. I'm not sure I can think of many things better.

Using her as my guide I began.
I diced potatoes, onions, red bell pepper and and opened a can of green chilis

 A quick saute
Let it rest for 10 minutes then into a gallon zipper bag, formed into a log and into the fridge to set up.
Next step is a one pound package of breakfast sausage sliced open and put into a 1 gallon zipper bag. Roll it out thin. Then roll it up and put into the fridge.
And now the fun part, a bacon weave. A bacon weave it not a new or novel idea, but I have never done on, so it is new to me! One pound of bacon woven on cling wrap. - Hint* - if you sprinkle water on your work surface the cling wrap will stick to that and you can build your weave on a nice clean surface and not gunk up your counter or cutting board.

The weave is easy to do.
This is also rolled up and put in the fridge while the potato filling sets up. After a few hours we are ready to assemble the fatty.

First we slice open the sides of the sausage baggie and open it up.
Then we place the potato filling on the sausage - use the bag to help roll it up and then shape to fit on the bacon weave.
Finally place the sausage log on the weave and roll it up, wrap in cling wrap, put into big zipper bag and chill. I'll smoke this tonight.
Anyone getting hungry? And how good would this be with homemade bacon and sausage?

Time to get it on the grill. In lieu of a real smoker we will have to make do.

A little pepper
And onto the grill with the little smoker box.
Will check in an hour or so, aiming for about 325 F.
 At one hour
At two hours
Three hours, looking good!
Will finish it in oven to 160F internal.

I'm salivating!


  1. Dave, it looks fantastic! Great job on that bacon weave too. :)

  2. Thanks Cowgirl! Honored to have you stop by.

  3. I bet this will do VERY well in a convection oven over a wood fire... I'm thinking this will be good on the next jamboree!


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