Sunday, March 27, 2011

You can now easily print the recipes

It's not earth shattering news, but  it resolves one of my pet peeves. I wanted readers to be able to simply print recipes, without the pictures.

Well now you can! The handy little print friendly widget is now installed, print away! It's the little green button after each post. You can print, print to pdf, even remove the images.

This is an uncompensated endorsement, I'm just happy have that little issue resolved!

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  1. Just enjoyed your blog! I am so glad I can print out your delicious recipes. Like your garden blog, too!

  2. Like the idea of being able to print the recipes, but I will miss the picture of the pizza! (the black text doesn't show up well against the new header picture either...)

  3. It took me a while Egretta, but I am glad to have found an appropriate print widget. Glad you wandered over to the garden blog!

  4. Thanks Mark. Who knows - maybe the Pizza will come back. I agree the text color needs to change - a work in progress.....


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