Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Beet goes on - Beet, Orange, and Red Onion Salad

I've grown more fond of beets as time goes on. From the oven roasted tiny jewels from last summer, to the Beet Ginger relish, I love the earthy flavor and beautiful colors.

This next one is adapted from the Financial Times food columnist Rowley Leigh January 14, 2011 article "Acid Beets"

I've left out a few things he included, namely mint and black olives, but it is still delicious. This elegant salad is simple as can be.

Red Onion
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper

Steam the beets until tender, then peel and cut into slice about 1/4" thick

Put the beets in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and and a splash of the vinegar. Toss  very gently.

Cut the ends off the oranges and cut the peels of lengthwise. Slice peeled oranges about as thick as the beets.

Next, slice the red onions into thin rings. I used a mandolin instead of a knife.

Assemble the salad by putting down a layer of sliced beets. followed by a layer of orange slices topped by a pinch of salt, grind of black pepper, dash of vinegar and dribble of olive oil. Add a layer of the sliced onions.


Top with a little more olive oil if you choose.

Enjoy! Sweet, tangy, earthy, tender and crunchy, this salad has great flavor and textural contrasts. Plus, once the beets are cooked, it's ready in about 10 minutes.  Try it as a sophisticated starter, or with some crusty bread as a light meal.

Until next time, Eat Well & Keep Digging!

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  1. What a lovely salad...I'm going to try it as I've been craving beets recently!

  2. Please do Theanne! It is so easy and simply delicious!

  3. This is a really "retro" salad, right out of the 1970s. I think we first saw this one in the Cordon Bleu Monthly in about 1975, and it's still as good as ever! We sometimes add a bit of watercress for a bit of colour variety.


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