Monday, February 21, 2011

Labneh or yogurt cheese

A super easy, and ancient dish, labneh is just drained plain yogurt with a little salt.

Yogurt (not low fat)

Line a strainer with cheese cloth.

Stir 2 tsp salt into the yougurt, then pour into the cheese clothe lined strainer. Put strainer over  a deep bowl. You don't want the bottom of the strainer to touch the drained whey.

Tie together the cheese cloth. Set aside and let drain for 12 hours.

Amazing how much moisture comes off

Here it is after 12 hours.

I rewrapped it and pressed out about another 1/4 cup of whey.

Finally rolled into little balls, topped with olive oil and garnished with flat leaf parsley.  Amazing that was a quart of yogurt

Serve with warm pita or on crackers.

Until next time, Eat well and Keep Digging

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  1. I would put a little ground cumin, or something similar, in mine.

    What happens to the whey? Do you have any animals to feed it to?


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